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A customer of mine has not received her item

A customer has not received her item. Sold it 29 oktober. I shipped 30 October. 13 December she sent me a mail did not received. I told her think lost at the post I have a double one and send it. So I did. 20 December she opened a request without giving me a message. I was very surprised. So I was not friendly. Behind my back doing so is against the rules of Ebay.So later on I made excuses and told her will give refund and when the items receive she may keep them.In between she gave me a bad feedback my first in all those years. I wanted her give full refund directly. But the payment on PayPal is blocked and I cannot do it. How can I pay her back ? Had a few mails to Ebay and they say I did correct . Now she don't believe my PayPalaccount is blocked. I will but I can. How can I pay her back ? Please help.

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Absurd dat je als verkoper een koper geen neg. feedback mag geven. 


Je hebt gedaan wat je kon doen, als ik goed begrijp zelfs 2x opgestuurd? En koper wil ook nog een refund? Je hebt al neg. feedback gekregen, ik zou er toch echt niet mee zitten dat koper nog even moet wachten op een refund.


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