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I cannot modify my shop, same link same page but does not work. why ?

Hello guys,


For some reason I cannot modify my shop.


I am new on ebay and actually I am finding a lot of difficulties also with the different location of the ebays, sometime I am in, sometimes .com, and that confuse also the items.


I gess I have still to find out how to manage this difficulties but I can't really explain twhy I cannot modify the shop.


Please help, thanks in advance.


Kind Regards,

Giuseppe D'elia.


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in antwoord op petranova_blue_amber

Dit is en Nederlands forum waar collega Ebay gebruikers anderen proberen te helpen met raad en daad.

Je kunt dus gewoon in het Nederlands communiceren.

Ebay-medewerkers bereik je hier in ieder geval niet.


Je probleem is mij niet duidelijk. Probeer te omschrijven wat precies je probleem is.

Wellicht kan iemand je dan helpen.